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Civil Registry

Civil Registry

Wedding Transcript

The marriage of Portuguese citizens celebrated abroad must be transcribed in the Portuguese Civil Register. We organize the entire process, performing the necessary acts for this registration with the competent Conservatories.

Death Transcription

The death of Portuguese citizens abroad must be recorded in the Portuguese Civil Register. Also the death of your spouse, so that the dissolution of the marriage is registered. We organize the entire process, taking the necessary steps to register with the competent Conservatories.

Divorce Registration

The divorce of Portuguese citizens carried out abroad must be transcribed in the Portuguese Civil Registry. For this transcription to occur, the divorce sentence must be reviewed and confirmed by the competent Court in Portugal. We sponsor the process of reviewing and confirming the foreign judgment for registering the divorce with the competent courts.

Civil Registration Certificate Applications

We do research on the birth, marriage or death status of portuguese people, as long as the interested party has the necessary information, such as full name, date of birth (approximate) and place of birth. Once the seat is located, we provide the issuance of the respective certificate and send it to any part of the world.

Rectification of Civil Registration

Often times the civil registration is made containing some type of inaccuracy. If this occurs, it t must be rectified.

According to art. 92, no. 1 of the Civil Registry Code, the legally non-existent, null or irregular registration must be cancelled or rectified by means of a justification process or by simple order of the conservator.

  1. They are subject to administrative correction, according to art. 93 of the CRC:

    a) Manifest spelling error and error regarding the indication of the place or date on which the record was drawn up;
    b) Non-conformity of the seat drawn up by transcription, or of the annotation, with the title or seat that has or should serve as a basis;
    c) Error of the seat plotted by transcription or annotation, from the title that served as the basis, if its correction is obtained by the competent entity;
    d) Omission or inaccuracy, in view of the supporting document.

  2. The organization of the administrative justification process is necessary when:

    a) The registration is vitiated by a defect that makes it legally non-existent or null;
    b) In view of the documents proving the irregularity, the conservator verifies that this, obviously, cannot be remedied by simple order nor is it required a judicial justification process.

  3. Whenever it is convenient, interested parties should be heard.

Article 94
Judicial rectification

The registration is rectified by a decision rendered in a judicial justification process when doubts arise about the identity of the persons to whom the registration respects.

Marriage Process Organization

We organize marriage processes between people of different sex or of the same sex.

Request for the issue of a Marriage Capacity Certificate.

The Marital Ability Certificate certifies that the spouse has no impediment in Portugal to contract marriage. This document is required in many countries for citizens who intend to marry outside their country of origin.

Nationality Certificate Applications

This document proves that the citizen has portuguese nationality and has not lost it.

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